Investment plans

Investment PlanMin. InvestmentPerformance FeesMaximum Risk*Expected Return*
TrialAu$ 1,000 or Equlant50% high-water mark40%20- 50% PM
Turtle (Recommend)Au$ 25,00030% high-water mark10%30% PA
RabbitAu$ 5,00040% high-water mark50% 20- 30% PM
Cheetah (Existing clent on;y)Au$ 2,00050% high-water mark70%80 – 100% / Month

Risk management

Position sizing is used to  achieve objectives and we  generally will not risk  more than 3 % of the total portfolio size in any one trade. We may increase our risk exposure by profit we have  earn from that month.


What is a ‘High-Water Mark’?

A high-water mark is the highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached.The high-water mark ensures the manager does not get paid large sums for poor performance. If the manager loses money over a period, he must get the fund above the high-water mark before receiving a performance fee from the assets under management

Assume you are investing  $5000 into the account, and during its first month, the menaleefx earns a 20% return.  your e Forex Account balance is $6000.  You are owing  a 40% fee on this $1,000 gain, which equates to $400.